Monday, September 7, 2009


W 0 0 W W W. Disaster. Not much I can do really only laugh at them, I dont know, if I dont laugh I'll cry. Nottinghamshire, remember the name anyway, I wont be rushing to back them again. The target was fairly easily gettable too but not before this total collapse. The funny thing is I suppose, I was trilled to be laying 1.3 and below at the time. I've never seen anything like it, a 4 wicket maiden. They lost 2 wickets for about 5 runs before that over in the three overs before too. What a bunch of jokers.

Won a few quid off the inning runs beforehand so the P&L now stands at: Cricket: €40.81 Total P&L: €40.81

But its gonna be -€126.04 for the day after this game finishes, not bothered watching the rest of it. I'm seething like, they need 169 off 131 right now as I type and their turning down singles, ah god. Off out.

Just to say, its free in to Dundalk tomorrow for the races and you get a free race card too. Fantastic from the track management. It was €15 in for a student to Leopardstown evening meetings this summer, its no wonder the place was empty. No reason not to pop in if youre in the area for a few races, alright its not the greatest meeting ever but hopefully they get the crowd they deserve with that offer.


  1. They actually got 35/9 since the fall of the first wicket. I got more runs playing with new bats at the back of an elverys shop with a mate!

  2. I was on the other side of the Sussex game! Sadly not with as big a profit as your loss. I'll write a post later.

  3. Gimme back my money!

    Still annoyed, should of been looking at a flip flop all things going well at some stage.

    Decided not to have a bet in the Nadal game, think youre right, its one to leave alone. Try and have a steady day tomorrow anyway and it doesnt appeal as the type of bet to do just that!