Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Having a major mental breakdown moment here. Ronnie O Sullivan. Its a long story, I'm not seething that I actually lost money, more so the way it panned out, but even more so Ronnie chucking it away the eejet, at least I wasnt an unlucky 1.01 backer anyway. €150 at 1.74 was my bet via Betfair mobile while visiting my Grandad for the afternoon, cup of tea and watch the snooker etc, backed Ronnie at good odds no issue with that. Then the phone goes dead so the bet becomes a straight one and not a trading one, which I had not planned. You know, I cant answer the question of whether or not I would have traded out, all I know is I wasnt given the option.

Heres my problem, O'Sullivans 3-2 up, Higgins misses a red and if Ronnie gets it its frame ball and goes 4-2, I'm shouting at the tv "dont go for it, dont go for it, dont go for it" it was far too hard and he was 20 points ahead, he went for it, missed it, left it on, Higgins cleaned up and its 3-3. Seething. Absolutely seething. I'd wrote off the bet weirdly enough at that moment, but of course no phone to trade out. Then to really kick it in it goes 4-3 Ronnie and then he proceeds to miss a sitter to win the match, Higgins clears up for 4-4 and then gets a century for 5-4. Gutted at the phone going dead, although wouldnt know if it had made a difference, more seething at Ronnie for throwing it away.

Now, I'm having a no contact with other people evening, jog, gym and bed. I'm so annoyed I actually dont have a word for it. Had one other bet since yesterday on a horse in Tipperary who won, so its not all bad. Just to back something at 1.74, it to go 1.01 to lay and still lose, oh dear. I know if I hang around the house I'll definitely lose money on whatever sports on later, and I know if I actually talk to someone I'll definitely kill them. Going the gym in these situations is of great help I reckon, I'll work out for hours and not feel a single thing because my head will be thinking about the bet, good for fitness and discipline, basically theres no wrong in it, once no one asks me to talk to them. I have to do something anyway because I can feel myself ticking. Ronnie you fooking tosser! I honestly am feeling sorry for the 1.01 backers too.

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