Thursday, October 8, 2009


Had a cunning plan in place on the cricket today, laid Bangalore at 1.16 at the start of the Cape Cobras chase, Gibbs was opening. The thinking was if he got going the price would fly out, but if he got out I would probably lose around 10 ticks or so (around that), and then if he got off to a flyer and then got out I wouldnt lose any ticks maybe 3 or 4 but thats not much at all. So, well worth the bet. Only slight problem being that Mr Gibbs got out the very first ball. Not exactly what I had in mind. Sure enough lost the 8 ticks and red one side, €50 the other. The pitch was so good didnt feel the need of going all red.

I have to say watching the rest of the game, I really wanted to lay some more, really did. I was afraid to make things worse though, I already had €100 red, lay some more and that becomes €150 or €200 and then becomes a big-ish loss. I've discovered in the last few weeks that the things you do wrong affect everything else more than the things you do right. The bet that went wrong cost me, and the bet I wanted to do but didnt because of the other one would have won buckets of money, as anyone who reads the blog, I always lay low odds on cricket, even got a flip flop from 1.04! You know, being big headed in all honesty it should have been a plus €500 win, I feel like I've missed out. But my point, the bad trade got in the way of all the "good ones" (good ones being what I wanted to do but didnt). Cant say I love 20/20 to be honest, I'm still fishing around for a proper thing to do with it, have some balls and hold on or trade in and out quickly. Its a hard one. I laid a losing 1.16 shot today for €1,000 and only won €50. Very easy to get caught up in every ball in this form of the game, so much happens in a short space of time there also a lot of switches as to whos in front. I like 50/50 because I'm more think to sort things out, but 20/20 needs a bit of work. I'm favouring the "hold on" tactic, view bets as straight bets.

That "fly out" trade at the start of an innings is priceless on pitches like todays, it'll come off more times than not. The bounce out factor from the small odds (1.0x's) is a great trade too on good pitches. By the way, the team names, the Champions League 20/20 started today (Eurosport) so you'll see me waffling on about all sorts of mad teams in the next few days. As usual we'll get a few short price gubbings, its in India after all, and seriously is seems some big punters from over there dont really care what prices they take, price crashes today have been crazy. That said, if they have €200,000 its going to cause the market to fall, but to false prices while their desperate to get matched. Hopefully the English teams do well in it.

I must add that I'm absolutely delighted to win as always and not having a moan, just you know the wrong things affecting the right things is something I want to remember. I dont think theres anything you can do about it either. There'll always be that feeling at the back of your head, and if you dont have that feeling, you'd be on the chase more times than not and lose that way I suppose. Its a struggle to be perfect when theres no such thing as perfection. I also have to say JP Duminys knock was one of the best I have ever seen. Anyway, off to the freshers ball to perv on the new first years!

Cricket: €47.60 Total P&L: €47.60

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  1. So frustrated! backed bangalore at 1.5, laid at 1.16 to cover my stake, wanted to lay more of my green at 1.1 (£200ish to knock £20 off my £65 green) but the phone company O2 had connection errors all day! so I couldn't get online. No loss which was good I suppose but I thought back to you yesterday with the phone thing, Betfair mobile is dangerous, handy at times but be over reliant and it makes u annoyed when it doesn't work!