Friday, October 9, 2009


Poor day, really poor day. Disappointed with the cricket loss because I couldnt really get a handle on how the pitch was playing so all the trades that I did I was guessing to be honest, wasnt 100% when doing stuff, which is a quick way to the poor house. Kept things small enough, because of a hangover, lost €50 on each game, when my biggest liability was €60, shows you how bad I was.

The loss on the horses is simple to explain. Backed Trojan War at Dundalk, no excuses, wasnt good enough to win to be honest, fingers burnt at Ballydoyle this evening from him, 6/4 (Betfair) into 4/9 today most if not all of it us. As I've said countless times before, you can only bet on what you think will happen and sure it was wrong. I said today I hated Dundalk on a Friday night, only to be pulled up by the general manager, of all the people to hear me! Things never seem to go to plan there at all, I know theres no such thing as "jinxes" but you know it doesnt stop you from thinking it. Thats not an excuse though, I have to say if that horse was anywhere else bar Dundalk it would have been a much bigger bet and probably still beaten. Thats life. Nothing else to it.

Cricket: -€99.25 | Horse Racing: -€140.00 Total P&L: -€239.25

I hate days like this so much its unreal. You work so hard to build up a few days profit and then its all gone in one day, annoying! I'll probably play smallish for the weekend now and try to win this back. If I had to pick something to be really annoyed about, I say the cricket today, that was my own stupidity. Where as the horse was just a fancied one going kaput you know, that works out over time and I'll end up in profit. But the cricket today, my head wasnt there. 20/20 again, two 1.01 trains, two games I shouldnt have been betting on really looking back, easy after to say that when youve lost obviously, but if I cant work out what the pitch is like I should be betting on it. Take away that €100 loss and you only have a €140 loss, which is a hell of a lot better, it makes a serious difference at the end of each week. I just want to avoid the losses that can be avoided, the horses couldnt of been but the cricket could.

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