Monday, October 12, 2009


Havent had a bet today, been too busy, but just to tie up a few things from last night, the snooker and the X-Factor finishing.

Snooker: €5.91 | Special Bets: €39.49 Total P&L: €45.40

I see the Racing Post have got involved again today with the whole "is Sea The Stars the best horse ever argument." Two words - utterly pointless. It is ALL fantasy, god I wish people would stop arguing over it. Basically, the fact is not one single person can come up with a 100% definite answer of who the best horse ever is. No idea why people cant seem to accept horses/people/teams for what they are at the time and stop comparing them to something that happened 50 odd years ago. I could care less what happened in the past, its whats happening now that matters sure. If you won €20,000 six years ago but have lost €5,000 every year since, are you great at gambling?

I always view things as a "pleasure to be there" while its happening, it felt great seeing it at the time and thats all that matters to me. Instead we have pointless arguments over something that absolutely everyone will see differently, hence the arguing. If people say "best horse I've ever seen," you know thats fine, but best horse ever, you cant answer that really and truly. Sea The Stars is amazing we should just be pleased to be able to see him while hes around. I'd also hate to think you know that it'd be the best horse I'll ever see, one must always have something to look forward to, otherwise whats the point of going on sure. Although having said all that, I suppose there is one exception to the rule of "the best ever" and his name is Phil Taylor. Now he is the daddy!

Also laid a bit back on Fame overnight to have my book looking like below, flights are booked, punting boots at the ready, 6L clear please Johnny. The fact I have him backed already, I'm going to be seriously selfish and hope Sariska doesnt run, might make it a poor race, but who cares once youre winning.

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