Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Got a fantastic tip today. You know, he didnt have to tell me but he did, fair played to him, he knows who he is and he IS the daddy! I was in college too, backed him on Betfair mobile in Business Finance, collected while in Computers seeing he went 1.01 on the phone, then looking around the room smiling knowing I've just backed a winner and everyone else is doing college work. God I love gambling. I really do.

Horse Racing: €385.55 Total P&L: €385.55

Also wish Sea The Stars a happy retirement, I know he'll have evry need and want sorted wherever he goes anyway but best of luck to him he deserves it. And I laid my full stake back on Fame for the weekend, just in case we balls up the pace, the fact its over 1M2F you know. Still delighted with a chance to win €440 for nothing sure, I'm 99% sure he'll win too if things go to plan. The only slight doubt is will they follow the pacemakers, and to be honest I dont blame them if they dont, its a bit stupid running no hopers at 1000/1 because everyone knows they arent good enough to win. Really need to look at the tactics and try get Group 3 types to make the running in the future. I'd be near to giving up on him if he doesnt beat that lot on Saturday though.

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