Friday, October 16, 2009


Quick post, just waiting for Dundalk to finish to meet a few of the lads to fly over for Fame And Glory tomorrow, never flew into Luton airport before so pretty sure myself and Emma will be getting lost around 11 or so when we land. Seriously good day today, crickets in the last post, was mental, but won on the other match too, a handy run chase. Lost a fiver on my BlueSq bet too, if they'd have let me do the €100 E/W they'd have won more off me, got chinned on the line. Few other horse bets, some won some lost, Johnny told me his best ride was the one in the 7-30 so just lost €100 on that, second after going 1.2 in running, bugger. Coolmores is fairly fancied in the 8-00 now, few stable boys backing it, kept it small because its Dundalk, just had the €50 profit on the horses for the day on it with ladbrokes. Have to leave so wont see it, good luck to everyone for the weekend, come on Fame!

Cricket: €133.54 | Horse Racing: €52.36 Total P&L: €185.90

Had the Betdaq football bank on Spurs too. Will update everything on Sunday night.

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