Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Five step profitable betting plan for a rainy Tuesday:

Step 1 - Lie on the couch.
Step 2 - Back horse.
Step 3 - Watch horse win.
Step 4 - Collect.
Step 5 - Do a little dance and say BOOOOMM.

Actually have a touch of the flu at the minute so gave college a miss today and lay on the couch all day, didnt have a bet yesterday because of it too. Got one or two place tips, had a few quid on them, the one that was (and I after looking at the race) most fancied finished 3rd so happy days. A handy day just watching the horses, Ruby had two lovely winners, hard to know what they beat but sure they looked good winning anyway so suppose you cant ask anymore than that.

Have the football bank on Barca tonight too.


  1. I laid it! Only been in 10 minutes, first bet of the day. Worked out ok though - read my post later.

  2. How are Barca losing? Haha, I hate football!