Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Football Bank Kaput Again

Er, what a sport. Like, theres no betting on it at all, who would have thought Barca would lose at home to Rubin Kazan! I've said it before and I'll say it again, absolutely delighted with the start with €25 football bank idea, rather lose €50 than €5,000.. FACT!

My personal view is that football betting is for mugs really, I still love betting on it, but as for taking it seriously with big amounts, never. I've been there so I speak from experience you know, I'm sure theres plenty of people who make money from it, but its such a random sport it just isnt for me.

If I could only give someone two bits of advice my age gambling it would be..
1) Dont bet on football.
2) Dont bet on every horse race.
3) Dont not bet just because its short odds.

Yet everyone interested in gambling in college does those exact three things, and then wonders why they dont win.

Anyway, only got as far as the 3rd bet this time! Delighted last man standing doesnt do the Champions League, I'm eyeing up Chelsea as my pick for the weekend in that competition.

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