Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Still struck down in the prime of life with illness so I'll keep it short. One big boom, one mini boom and a loser today. The €22 was in running on the first race, I soon realised I cant play in running while I've the flu as I'm too slow to react, and basically shite! The main one won so suppose its all good, delighted for Purple Heart to win a race too, I only had a tenner on, the amount of times I've tipped him up this year only for him to let me down.

Theres a cricket match on now and I reckon New South Wales have enough runs to win, bit short at 1.25 though and I hate backing teams to defend a score at low odds so I'll give it a miss, United game is on anyway. No football bets tonight, last night has scared me off!

Hopefully feel a bit better for the weekend, no craic being sick.

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