Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whats Right And Whats Wrong

Now, when faced with that position, what do you do? Its an even game, pretty much, the odds will hover around about the 1.9 to 2.1 mark each team. Do you let that position run, or go all green? Level green each side being all green. I'll honestly admit that I actually dont know.

If you read my waffling on each day, you'll probably know by now I get myself into these positions countless times only to end up getting zilch, nada, nil, €0! There was the time I had +€2,000 on Australia and refused to go all green for €500, there was the time I had +€10,000 green on England and refused to go all green (needed a 6 off the last ball to win!). Now, I'll never ever go skint going all green, but today really felt like throwing away money by squaring up, but see I've been burnt so many times before, easy when its over you know to look back and say should have done this should have done that, I dont know, I suppose the best way to describe it is like my mate Dec going out with a German bird, it was a disaster and we all laughed at him, and now he always tells anyone that'll listen to never go out with a German woman, when like you know they might be great, might have a great big set of knockers.

The amount of times I got zero made me go all green today. That might work in my favour in the long run, just I suppose I'm so used to letting things ride maybe it feels a bit weird. As I said, I'll never go skint going all green. And I'm normally very good at not bollocksing up a good book, cant remember the last time I went all red from being all green, something to be confident about you know. I genuinely dont know which is right and which is wrong, then again every game is different, everyone will have their set of rules and then a little set of others which are bendable. Like me saying I'm finished with the flat, then Johnny tells me something will win so I have a couple of hundred on it, thats a bendable rule. A set rule would be never going over €300 on cricket.

Anyway, the plan today was to back Trinidad and Tobago at the start of the run chase and get rid of liabilities at the flip flop, I was pretty confident hence the max bet. When I did lay off though, the price went to 1.5 before then going out to 3.15 and then back again, 20/20 for you, its so quick you know you can do something good and it'll only last for an over, probably going all green was a good thing when T&T were 3.15, then an over later I was wondering why I did it you know. I also have a weird thing on the horses, when I'm at the course and a horse is going well I'd be saying hes cruising what a certainty, while when I'm at home I'm clicking buttons to lay off at 1.07ish, just naturally because the computer is in front of me I get a bit edgy, couldnt explain that one to you either. All these questions you'd swear I dont sleep at night.

I was totally and utterly woeful on the horses in running today. Shocking, desperate, terrible, awful, dreadful, appalling, dire, so bad I might as well have just killed myself and got it over with. Then I remembered St Nicholas Abbey is running Saturday so I better wait on the ole killing oneself. Just wasnt at the races today and gave up pretty soon, noticed I was over €50 behind so called it a day, just one of those bad ones, couldnt call a thing right. Just a quick serious word about something thats bugging me lately, Ladbrokes know absolutely nothing about whats happening in Ballydoyle, so could people stop saying they do please, its starting to get a little annoying! They went best price about St Nic today, they were best price about the gamble yesterday (and priced up Oxxes at 13/8 when he went off 4/1 on Betfair, had ours at 5/4 when it went off 4/6). Stop saying they know. They knew back in the day when other people were working there, but not now, "oh but Ladbrokes are best price, it mustnt be fancied." Load of balls. If you ever hear someone saying that punch them in the face and tell them I'm the daddy! Whether they go under or over the odds with Ballydoyle horses has nothing to do with us, its their odds compilers. Probably no one will read this but anyway there I said it!

Also had a win on innings runs today too so the cricket P&L looks good, someone went 1.3 for 140, when par on the pitch is around 180, went with the max €300 again, same time tomorrow mate if youre around yeah, whoever laid that! Although to be fair to them, its hard when they switch between pitches each day, one pitch around 130 is par while the one today 180 was par. I'm feeling a bit better anyway, reckon the flu is on its way out the door thank god, still alive so it wasnt swine, just in time for St Nic the weekend too, woosh time at Doncaster! The pigeons have no feathers on their arse in Tipperary because of him. As I said before, fook the opposition, until hes beaten I rate him as unbeatable.

Cricket: €192.49 | Horse Racing: -€52.14 Total P&L: €140.35

I've gone for Chelsea this weekend in last man standing, they seem to be going well, their at home, Blackburn arent great, and look the obvious pick this weekend really. Hopefully the other results will knock a few people out but I reckon there'll be over 75% on Chelsea, the stand out pick like. I was going to go with Man City after I saw they signed a new striker, but I'll give him a game to settle into the team before I back them. I reckon he'll prove a better buy than Tevez anyway..


  1. very well done with St Nicholas Abbey top call from day one u said it,, thanks,