Friday, October 30, 2009


I am number one, the big cheese, the man, winner winner chicken dinner, numero uno, the champ, the chief, the greatest there ever was, the best on Betfair, unbeatable, awesome, fantastic, super, amazing, theres no one that'll ever be as good as me, quite simply I am the daddy. Without boasting about myself too much, heres todays P&L..

Horse Racing: €3.09 Total P&L: €3.09

I've got this game by the balls.

Joking aside being serious, it was just an up and down, down and up sort of day, didnt do anything particularly wrong, at the same time didnt do anything fantastic either so a level day. No point forcing the issue later betting on Dundalk either, (the Ballydoyle Dundalk curse of Friday night..!) wonder will Johnny win the first, if he doesnt, it'll only be because of the curse. True story.

Anyway, wasnt going to post my €3 profit, whos the daddy, but just wanted to point out what a great thing Naas are doing tomorrow. Its a brilliant card too by the way. Its free in for children and students, and €15 in for adults plus you get a free fiver bet and a fiver off food, so technically its only a fiver in. So if anyones in the area youve no excuse really but to pop in, even only for a few races sure, the second race is probably the best race of the jumping season so far with Forpadydeplasterer, Joncol, Tranquil Sea, Made In Taipan and Trafford Lad all lining up against each other. You know the course didnt really have to do the whole lowering fees thing, but fair played to them credit where its due, when you think Leopardstown charged absolutely everyone €15 in for their evening meetings its nice when you see a course doing something like this you know. Hopefully they get the support the offer deserves, I'll be there anyway. Naas is a lovely little track too.

And for anyone thats interested in boxing, just watched the first Pacquiao v Cotto 24/7, jesus theres some amount of problems in the Pacquiao camp. Its probably not a nice thing to say with all the troubles in Pacquiaos country but what the hell is he actually doing there training? That can be forgiven, but watching it hes turned into a right tosser, the little row with Freddie Roach at the end there said a lot, hes a nice bloke, top trainer and a top man basically, Pacquiao seems to be calling the shots though and I dont really like that. I know Mayweather is seriously arrogant but at least he trains like a mad man. Cotto looks decent too, his only loss came against a bloke called Margarito, who has since been found with concrete in his gloves in his next fight, banned for a year, its never been proved that he used the same "tactic" (and Lydia Hislop thinks our front runners are bad!) against Cotto. But Cotto bled from his ears (weird!), and it took more than two weeks for the swelling to go down, basically put two and two together. Margarito was also a 1/7 favourite when it was discovered, he was outsider against Cotto, why use it when youre such a favourite to win.

I have the link here to it, I'll put it up, 24/7 is generally always a good program anyway, if youre bored it'll kill 20 minutes. After watching it I said to myself I'd back Cotto at 6/4ish, open the market and hes 9/4, not bad. No point backing him now though, theres three 24/7s left to watch and things might change, you know it terms of what size the bet will be, it'll take a lot to change my mind after the little row with Roach at the end. But as well as that, I'm 90% sure big money will come in for Pacquiao on the fight night and I'll get bigger odds on Cotto. Over two weeks away but sure its nice to have a plan.

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