Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is What Betting On The X-Factor Does

I'm here at 1-15 on a Thursday night reading tomorrows headlines, gay or what! Anyway, going along with me currently being John & Edwards biggest fan now that I've got €1,500 green on them, bit gutted to read this..

First off, one paper says their top and another says theyve been bottom four every week, so I'm pretty confused. Who do you believe, I dont know. It says Rachel topped the vote after being bottom two first two weeks, thats an amazing bounce, Danyl top week one then bottom two last week, another amazing bounce. What I am gutted to hear though is that if indeed the twins were anywhere near the bottom with THE pimp slot, last on, thats pretty disappointing you know.

I'm just gonna leave the €1,500 green there and do nothing for the time being, see what happens this weekend, if ever there was probably a week not a have a biggish liability bottom two its this week. Wonder what the market will do when most people see this in the morning, I'm confused so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens. I'm starting to think Lloyd is a dark horse now actually.

And after thinking about retiring from cricket and horse racing, and planning to become a full-time professional punter on the X-Factor, I've decided fook it I'm going to bed.

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