Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guess Whos Got The X-Factor

John & Edward! BOOOOOMM! The papers are all covering the story that they topped the vote on Saturday night. Singing last does its magic sure, I'd be of the view that if they sing in any way near the front the judges have had enough of them, be interesting to see what happens now. Anyway, the early bird catches the worm, read this at half 8 this morning before most had seen it on Betfair..


Market was a bit slow to react staying in the 30s but has come down to settle in the low 20s today, so got a good trade of that. Price looks sort of low now to be honest, like they cant sing! But, er, do they win? No idea. Be nice if they did now though. It was only a bet on the back of the news in the papers so I'll leave the €1,500 beside their name until they start getting down into single figures, if they get knocked out before that, so be it.

Not sure what the bottom two market will do with this news on Saturday, can only wait and see, maybe the time has come and gone for laying them bottom two, but if their singing near the back end of the show and are between 3 and 4.5, I'd be happy to lay up to €300 liability. If their near the front, I'd leave it.

By the way, small note to Blue Square for their very kind offer of €2.71 max bet on the market, cheers lads. Honestly, whats the point of even having the market. It seems Betfair is the only place to go for these type of things.

Didnt have the time for a bet today. And tomorrow I'm in college in the AM, and having a cuppa with the grandad in the PM so no betting tomorrow either. At least this way, I cant possibly lose..!

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