Saturday, January 2, 2010


180s, Barney 14 - 13 Whitlock, bugger. Cant believe he hit 14 FFS, cant moan either though because it was hardly a fluke. Its weird, its like god is sending me a message, every Pre-Off bet finds a way of going tits up! Hits 14 in one game and 13 for the rest of the tournament, I thought that was a certainty but anyway, cant fault Whitlock either scoring 13.

In running went OKish, obviously Whitlock v Barney was pretty hard because there was so many swings, got all green and settled for it early, didnt touch the book for the last maybe 3 sets. Had a small bet on the first BDO game this afternoon then watched the second one, couldnt possibly bet, spent the whole game pissing myself laughing. There was a player called Willy Van De Wiel and there was a small dutch fellow in the crowd wearing a t-shirt saying "I love willy" not joking. It was fantastic. You know, how the fook are you suppose to focus on the darts when stuff like that is happening..

Also have a new favourite player. Ted "the count" Hankey. Hero. Pissed myself at his walk on, then his seething whenever anyone makes a noise. I was sitting here thinking jaysus his wife looks a lot like him, then found out it was his mother. He also throws out little bats at the crowd, with his low cut shirt so you can see all his chest hair. The mans a hero to be fair. I get the sudden urge to listen to Barry White while watching him play. Spent the whole day laughing at darts players actually, must be the snow, I'm going mad.

Darts: €57.45 Total P&L: €57.45

Losing day because of the 180s bet, annoying because I was on a bit of a roll but sure fook it no complaints. No bet on the Taylor game, already on him for the whole thing so no need.

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