Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, bit of a mad day, not in betting terms though. The cat started choking this morning (wasnt a hairball!), Maher towers were up in arms I'm telling you, got him to vet in a few minutes and theyre keeping him in tonight to get him back to full fitness hopefully. I know some people dont like cats but seriously hope hes alright because hes a likable little bugger, its amazing, you never know how attached you get to something until something goes wrong. I'm quite fond of him around the place really, so much so if they said it cost 6 or 7 grand to fix him I wouldnt think twice about saying yes you know.

Anyway, 6th ODI, 6th win for the chasing side. Cant say how the market or chase went because I was busy with the cat, completely forgot I'd max liability on it at the time but there you go, couldnt give a flying if it had of lost really, I wasnt thinking about it. Nicked a fiver off the snooker too, very cautious of having a big liability with it being best of 11, prefer the longer games myself.

Probably take tomorrow off, and then India v Sri Lanka on Wednesday.


  1. Hope the cat is ok. I empathise totally with your comments. Mine's been with me 15 years now and I'm going to be lost when she eventually goes - not looking forward to that one bit.

  2. Cheers man, appreciate it. Hes back home on antibiotics, there was something wrong with his throat alright, hopefully hes OK in a week or so anyway, hes irreplaceable.