Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Good news, the cats alive, BOOM! Hes home on antibiotics for a few days, theres something wrong with his throat but hopefully he'll be fine in a week or two. Just when the snow was going away I've found another reason to stay around the house and avoid college, jackpot! Thank god hes OK though, hes like a little mascot, only one allowed in the room when I'm gambling.

Anyway, cricket went well again, you know no secrets or special tactics, 7th ODI, 7th win for the chasing side, been doing it all week. Slightly touchy and nervy at times today because Sri Lanka made it difficult for themselves really, every time the market went to 1.12 they'd lose a wicket, it was like clockwork. Gutted its the end of the tournament though, I'll have to find more clever ways of making money now, but sure I made the most of it while it was on.

Snooker went alright too, developed a tactic of backing the player when he gets in and the table looks OK, only thing is if he misses I'm goosed, probably not the best idea to have in the market but it works if theyre looking in good touch. Some of the balls have been lying on the table as if theyve placed them there themselves, it works with Ronnie etc and players I can get a good read on, probably wouldnt work with some of the others. For example, Day v Perry tonight, I know very little about either player so giving it a miss.

Cricket: €133.18 | Snooker: €47.02 Total P&L: €180.20

Anyone see the Adebayor interview, wearing an Arsenal shirt. Now, I know hes just had some mad blokes shoot at his team bus so fair enough like, BUT why does he even have an Arsenal shirt in his wardrobe, he ran the whole pitch to celebrate in front of the fans to piss them off, yet goes around with the shirt on. Hes hardly the brightest tool in the shed is he.

I also have a list of jokes like "Bet ya he didnt run up and celebrate in front of those gunners" and "He really shot himself in the foot by wearing that shirt" but you know its a touchy subject..

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