Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well, theres no such thing as a certainty then. Bugger. I should probably just pack in pre-off national hunt and forget about it totally you know, if I cant get 30/100 shots right what hope have I got. Anyway, I'll move on and forget about it, it happens. Doesnt feel clever but anyway.

Apart from that, havent done anything else, and with the cat being sick no other bets all week, I'll lump everything from the weekend into next week. The Betfair screen shot looks amazing but sure Ladbrokes have my €750.

I really cant do pre-off national hunt, like I really cant. Packing it in after today, I might as well just admit it you know and accept it. Along with soccer and golf, at least I know what I cant do. Possibly the only positive I can find today.

Anyway this week..
In Running.. €0
Pre-Off.. -€272.24

I also now know why people fully arb, I thought I was sitting pretty having -€250 +€175 on a 30/100 shot but sure you cant eat "value." I'm not even going into that "value" discussion, off to the gym to forget about it.

Ya live and learn. And unfortunately with gambling you always learn the hard way.

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