Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So far this week..
Horse Racing: €44.10 Total P&L: €44.10

Not losing..! Whos the daddy, boom!

Nice to get a couple of days without doing much wrong, just aiming for a steady few days in a row you know, nothing major. Have assignments in college up to the 19th so dont have as much time as I'd like.

Although havent been taking too many chances, walking through Dublin Monday morning I had a gypsy boy try to steal my breakfast roll, I pulled it back away from him, gave him my best Roy Keane seethe eyes look, then he muttered something loudly in Romanian and ran off, I stood there thinking well, I'm cursed for life now, I'll never back a winner. Maybe hes turned things around though, I couldnt even get Phil Taylor to win last week.

No idea why, but the mood struck me to move back to the place market yesterday. Was pleasantly surprised, theres a bit more money in the market since the last time I was there. I prefer it to the win market, more time, lower odds, sometimes have a better read of it. Gets annoying not getting matched at times but there was three columns of money on most horses off ATR today. Cant really ask for more.

Huge moves in the antepost market overnight, I know youre thinking Jan Vermeer but alas no, no story there sorry to break it to you Mr Power, I'm thinking John Terry to be Engerland captain. Allegedly cabbage man Capello sent the following message out to the Engerlish squad.. "JT has lost the Engerland armband.. Wayne Bridge, would you mind looking under your bed?" OI OI!

A spokesman for Paddy Power said on Tuesday evening: "We have laid good money on Jan Vermeer in the Derby. In fact he has been the subject of a number of bets in the last week. The max on my account is €68, I'm sure theyve laid millions. Any chance of knocking out Nic a point or two? I take it thats a no then.


  1. that footie joke is a cracker!

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  3. €70,000 a week? Yeah well, I made €40. I'm the fooking daddy here.