Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day In The Real World..

I feel as if I havent given any insight whatsoever into a gamblers mind this week so here we go, a day dairy of my inner most thoughts..

6-00AM - Oh my days its dark in the morning! Won €40 yesterday, already regretting going back to human existence of college away from my blog. Four missed calls from blog fans and six texts sending their love and wishing me luck. Must chase up the restraining order with my solicitor.

7-30AM – Holy shit, the luas station is mobbed, was there an Australian match overnight or something that everyones up this early? Luckily I should only be in transport with the mugs for a few weeks. Once they realise I am a blogger, a chauffeur driven limo will be forthcoming. Managed to get a seat by pure luck. A pensioner dropped her specs and I managed to dive in there when she went to pick them up. She mumbles something before retreating to the standing masses. I can only laugh, she obviously doesnt know who I am, Gambler Falls love, Gambler Falls, Google me.

9-00AM – I Introduce myself to my new college allies as "The Daddy," I get some very strange looks. After a few minutes, the penny soon drops that I must go back to using my pre blogging name "Stephen." Fook sake, I havent had to respond to that for nearly a year now, this isnt gonna be easy.

10-00AM - On a break in between classes I see a homeless man sitting in the street, clearly must of done his brains on Federer v Murray, I point, laugh and call him a MUG. He yells obscenities at me but I come back with saying hes "SEETHING." That showed him.

11-00AM - A bunch of flowers arrives to my class with the following message: "Stephen, I love you. Missing you already on blogspot. Hope your day is OK. Yours forever Rob The Builder xxx." Give them to the best looking bird in the room, may take her home tonight if I’m not too tired, if JT and Tiger can..

12-00PM - Feck this college business, I’m off. Should be home for the first in Clonmel.

2-00PM - Click a few buttons, I'm a gambling genius afterall like.

Horse Racing: -€4.01 Total P&L: -€4.01

7-00PM - Do the head in hands man.

Repeat tomorrow..


  1. They cost me £25.00. That's the last time I'm sending you flowers, ungrateful sod.

  2. Haha! Dont worry, I'm saving sending you back a bunch until Valentines..

  3. Hahahaha

    BTW how's the cat?

    Care to link to my blog?

  4. Ah hes grand now cheers, thanks for asking, two weeks or so on the anti's and he was alright, was just a case of getting them into him cause he wouldnt eat. Had to put crushed tablets on microwaved ham haha!

    And no problem mate, done.

  5. cheers