Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, today was very annoying. Have to stop early because if I try something else it'll go pear shaped, heads gone west.

Laid the Saffers this morning when Dhoni was getting in, I know the rate was high but hes in great form and Kohli was there on 50 odd, at 1.1 there was huge scope for panic you know..

Shall I tell you what happened the next over? The two wickets are gone, and the markets at 1.01, brilliant. I've had sex thats lasted longer than that bet FFS.

Then as I said yesterday, if Ireland couldnt beat England I'd never bother with our rugby team again. They made fierce hard work of it though, in an annoying way when youve money on it, stupid mistakes and the ref wasnt the greatest. I'd laid England after the Ireland good start, to keep the draw onside but could feel England coming out on top, so went for a hail Mary full of grace book as opposed to awe-red, the red wasnt overly high either, it was 13-13 at this stage.

England went 1.3ish I think after a drop goal, before Ireland scored a try in the last few minutes to win. I'm 100% sure it was the right call getting out of €300 red at the time. However, for something I fancied so much to win, not to get any money whatsoever out of it is fairly annoying now theyve won. At least I didnt lose though.

Cricket: -€65.01 | Rugby Union: €0.40 Total P&L: -€64.61

Also, huge respect to Wayne Bridge for not shaking JTs hand this morning, why should he sure. But forget about the non handshake, look at Bellamys face when he was shaking JTs hand and look at the linesman checking to see if Bridge did, certainty that he had a cheeky tenner on them not to shake hands at 5/1. Bellamys interview after was funny enough too.

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