Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Cricket: -€44.00 | Horse Racing: -€35.81 Total P&L: -€79.81

Anyone remember the 4th Ashes test last year? KP was injured, Freddie injured and pulls out that week, Prior injured in the warm up but plays anyway, Collingwood warms up with the gloves and Ambrose has been put on standby, England ask to delay the toss. Poor Struassy is running around the ground, which has around 300+ people on it with players not knowing whats happening. Cue England collapsing for 102 out all before tea, a record low for 10 years in the Ashes.

I was lying in bed this morning at 12 (as you do) and the alarm started going bonkers. It wasnt even set on FFS, the code doesnt knock it off, nothing would knock it off. I even pulled wires out, and that still didnt knock it off! To say I was SEETHING would be an understatement, had to wait around an hour for some bloke to come a fix it, grand, sorted, issues over.. I sit down at the computer having missed the first half of the racing in a bit of a fluster..

Anyone want to know why Dont Be Bitin was trading at 2.5 in the place market while in the lead going past the omitted 2nd last? Because I was clicking on him thinking I was clicking on Conem. "Jaysus 2.5, this is great.. oh wait wrong horse, BUGGER!" What a plonker. Theres no excuse for clicking the wrong thing, its hard enough pick a winning bet, its the least you can do is click the right button. Thankfully 1.51 was still there to back so I could red out for €35 loss. My horse punting was finnish for the day after that, finnish.

No excuses for the cricket loss anyway - it was a manipulated market and to be honest, it was much too good for me. Mumbai got to 46/0 after 6, the market resistance at 1.6ish was unreal, it was like an unbreakable barrier, money taken down on a boundary but then massive lumps put back up to push it out again. I took it on, thinking that if runs keep coming Lumpy has to back down and reverse soon, even get say a 10 tick trade or so. Never happened. Price never moved. A wicket came then and the way Lumpy is he kicks on, doesnt green out, and it soon got to evens and I bailed. I hate Lumpy though because he can hold the market for as long as possible basically, bottomless pit of money he has, he was right today though fair played to him.

Lost €20 off that trade, then supported Pollard with a lay of 1.22, one six and the market is moving I'm thinking, he got out two balls later going for it. Then supported Harbhajan with a lay of 1.02, he got around 40ish off 18 balls two weeks ago, hes worth a 1.02 lay, he got 33 off 23, cant complain but wasnt good enough in the end. Sachin retired hurt, they went from 62/1 to 89/7 before he came back. Interestingly enough he pretty much put on some sort of score in every game for them, take him away and the rest might crumble easy, probably a misleading team really.

Thought about having a cheeky tenner on any unquoted Barca v Arsenal tonight thinking at 7 or 8 it might be a good bet, looked and it was 4.5, bloody hell! 7/2 to score 4 goals, whos backing that.. (Cue 6!).

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