Friday, June 11, 2010

Its Too Easy..

4/1 widely available with the books.
People wanting to back 3/1 on Betfair.
No problem.

I've no real opinion on the horse, hes not much good, but its a 'not much good' sort of race really.

€70 if he wins.
€85ish if he loses.

On the subject of "filthy arbing," I'm not an arber at all, but you know if people are going to make it this easy, I mean its free money..

I think Betfair have a lot to do with it really and truly, remember the "20% better odds" campaign at the start, I think people just assume theyre better without looking, still taking 4 and under as I write when its 100/30 with William Hill, Coral and Independents.

It does "feel" like a bookies gamble though, the only money matched on the graph over €100 has been me.

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