Thursday, July 8, 2010


Have to say it felt a bit weird sitting at the computer today for the first time since the 27th of June, good to be back definitely, just a little different, nearly forgot what it was like to think properly because I havent had a bet (over €20) that I've had to think about while I was away.

Anyway, did two races, nicked a tenner, then the cricket started and was on the right track IMO, just things didnt work out exactly as planned (its below), right thing to red out too for a small loss. But a gentle first day back anyway, ease my way into the daily Betfair grind again.

Only thing I'm seething about is I'm gonna have to watch Sky News all night FFS, cant find the raoulmoat control anywhere..

Cricket: -€19.32 | Horse Racing: €9.81 Total P&L: -€9.51

One of my favourites, Starspangledbanner, is out tomorrow at Newmarket. Being in love with him (especially after Ascot!) I think he'll win, love is blind though. He aint half short enough at around the 6/4ish mark in a Group 1 sprint, sprints are hard enough to predict when its 7/1 the field never mind 6/4, I hope he wins, I'll cheer him on, but I'll watch rather than back at that price.

You know, it goes without saying almost that hes the fastest horse in the yard, but he hasnt done an awful lot since Royal Ascot like the rest of the runners I'm told, I havent been there, I was always of the opinion that Royal Ascot was the whole plan for the year and anything else was a bonus (why I backed him antepost for that and nothing else).

I really hope he wins though, I remember two years ago I flew over to back US Ranger and from where I was standing thought he'd won, never seen Marchand D'Or coming up the near side rail, did a little dance gave it the whole whos the daddy viva la Ballydoyle, then they called the photo, it was a long flight home that night. I remember we backed him off the boards in York too, was drawn completely in the car park, flew for 4th and he won on his side actually I think. Feckin' sprints eh..

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