Thursday, July 8, 2010

England v Bangladesh (1st ODI)

This is mad, the market is giving Bangers absolutely no respect whatsoever for a solid base. England will be 1.25 to chase 280ish at this rate FFS.

The problem here is, betting on Bangers while batting is like playing Russian roulette with five bullets. But anyway, they have a powerplay left and serious hitters, theyre 166/3 after 34, a run a ball gets them to 262, you'd nearly think they *should* get more than that. However, they could easily be all out for 180 in 20mins known them, thats the problem. Either way, fook it the England price is nuts (IMO).


FFS Bangladesh ugh. Rahims shot ONE ball before the PP to get out. Hasan pissing about for five minutes on the ground after getting hit by the ball (get on with it FFS like), Mahmudullah LBW follows next ball after the wait. Hasan run out follows because he was using a runner. 243/8 now, head in hands man. I should be used to it by now though, they seriously havent got a brain between them.

Handy get out all the same as far as the odds are concerned, but there was very little place the odds could go at the time anyway, I dont normally play the first innings but the price was just so low, now nearly everything that could have gone wrong went wrong and theyre still only 5 ticks shorter. Such a massive chance to get 275+ though, England still short enough but I reckon they'll stay short all game but end up winning, market basically knows Bangers might look like winning but wont.

They left the powerplay until the last five overs too which is standard 'doing what your opponent wants most,' ah, just head in hands man..

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