Friday, July 16, 2010


Been very quiet this week until today, since Monday I'm..

Boxing: €40.79 | Cricket: -€29.36 | Horse Racing: -€47.28 Total P&L: -€35.85

I've done the horses Monday, Tuesday and today, just havent been there mentally at all. Its a game of patience these days I know, dont bet on some races, no money on some races, cant bet off ATR, the list goes on, so basically the tactic is to tick over and accumulate money really. I havent been in the right frame of mind to do that today, it wasnt that I was chasing, sure I had no losses to chase, but I sat here Monday and for the whole day I didnt get a single bet matched, honestly, and then Tuesday I had got €7 matched by halfway.

I'm fairly odd in the sense that I'm one person thats never bored, I always find something to do, play golf, gym, jog, clean the house, talk to the cat, anything at all, but my god sitting there all day not getting anything matched - I was steaming. Just felt like such a waste of time. I dont mind betting all day and finishing on zero, at least I tried and feel like I did something with my day. Monday was just depressing sitting here.

Having already said I dont want to go back to college, thinking about it - over the winter there'll be no cricket English hours, no GAA because the Championship is over, boxing only Friday/Saturday night, rugby, darts, etc evening/weekend hours. What am I gonna do? Honestly, if I sit around the house all day everyday watching 7/8 runner fields I'll go insane. So, I'm heading back to college, I've decided. I just want something to do for the winter basically that gets me out and about when theres nothing to bet on. Summer is grand because you can do stuff, all my friends are about too and theres loads of sport on, if I dont go back to college over the winter I'll end up sitting here everyday watching Lingfield on my own, its not worth missing out on 'life' is it. I still havent decided on the course yet, but sure I'll find something new.

Its a bit sad when I think about it really because I dont like college (the going to class bit), but I have nothing else to do Monday-Friday during the day. Its a bugger for when I'm older too because what job would just let you do part-time during the winter and then feck off for the summer.

Anyway, cant believe the scoring on the boxing tonight, 7 rounds to Matthew Hatton FFS, he got knocked down in the first! How'd he win by 7 rounds..! The draw was sitting at 8ish at the bell, the other fella finished fairly strongly IMO, I would have loved a Friday Fight Night draw special for my book..

Had calmed down a bit trading the boxing, was pretty seething on Pakistan v Australia this morning, Lumpy kept Aussies pretty low after a good start from Pakistan, I was on them but sure I mean they are Pakistan after all so I expect meltdowns, but twice I was in the middle of greening out and twice a wicket went. Norths first wicket, terrible, my bet was ticking down to go in at 1.53 FFS, then theyre back to 1.3ish. I managed to get some matched so it wasnt a terrible loss and a wicket could have went straight after I laid so it was alright in a sense, just one of those "AH FFS" moments. The 1.3 was a good get out though in hindsight.

Away from the blog, I'm on Tiger in the golf (whats new?). I cant find the post where I said I'd never back him again (HA!), but anyway Boylesports E/W 8 places has tempted me in at 6/1. Hes in a cracking position to win (IMO), but to be honest I'd be happy enough first 8 and get 6/4 on the place money. Would have done it for the blog too but Boylesports a bit dodgy getting on online. C'mon Eldrick son!

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