Sunday, November 21, 2010


For some reason I have an odd feeling today is gonna be one of those "where were you when.." days, the day the IMF came to Ireland. The numbers theyre talking about are flat out scary IMO. The bright side is I'm young and can control my life from here on in - would be so different with a mortgage and kids. Given todays news I dont think I'll ever move house from here (which I didnt really want to anyway I think) and dont really want to have kids either, but sure you cant say that to a woman like. Going off the rough figures (obviously everyone is guessing) I make it around €300k per head to be paid back, scary. Interesting times for Ireland, I literally have no idea what happens next.

Bit ironic that if I do ever have kids they'll be there "Daddy where were you the day the IMF came to Ireland?" Daddy was gambling and drinking in Navan son, "isnt that what got us into the mess in the first place.." Errrr, go annoy your mother. I only found out too this evening a friend is moving to America, pretty shit that friends have to leave.

Anyway, no betting today to add, minus €157 on Betfair this week but plus €272 with VC, minus €29 with BlueSq, an OK week without anything happening. Thank god every week isnt as boring as this one.


  1. Hi there,

    I think I used to be on your blogroll (you are on mine) but I haven't posted for around 8 months so you probably removed me.

    I've just migrated all my content to a new url and blogging has already begun anew. I reload Betfair later todayu and we're off. Would you mind adding me back on to your list. The url is

    Thx in advance,


  2. I laughed so hard I did my bad in at that video....

    Time to go on the sick