Monday, November 8, 2010

X Factor


Got rid of the red, I know he has little chance of actaully winning, but he might survive next week, I believe the last 8 go on tour, and theres 9 left, hes been getting a fair bit of press so they might give him a late slot on Saturday - later the better of votes.

Still Paije and Katie, and maybe Mary left to go, he wont trouble the big five (unless he has a massive vote we dont know about), obviously the minute hes bottom two hes toast, finnish. Maybe another two weeks and he'll be between 25 and anything up to 40, worth leaving it for the time being without worrying about losing anyway.


  1. Hi,

    nice blog and best of luck.. you up $28k .. thats great!

    I've also recently started and doing okay ..

    best of luck...

  2. Thanks. And best of luck to you too!