Thursday, February 24, 2011


Six days into the cricket WC and so far weve yet to have a second innings SP at 1.3+, and weve yet to have any team trade 1.4+ second innings either. Slow going with the minnows really but it should pick up the weekend.

Cricket: -€34.02 Total P&L: -€34.02

So far theyve all played at least one game bar Ireland, and India lead the way with most 6s with 7, Windies second with 5, and Aus, Pak, Bangs and Holland follow with 3.

Seething with Broad taking a wicket and England not having the correct amount of players in circle, FFS it was schoolboy, hes joint top Eng bowler with Swann on two. I forgot to say Sunday too, I had a small cover bet on Colly at 66/1.

Anyway, General Election tomorrow! Whats that old saying.. "Out of the frying pan, into the fire.." Obviously FG will win thats a given, but if theyre going into Government with Labour then we have no idea what we'll end up with because both of them differ so much, there'll have to be some middle ground which wont have been what people actually voted for with either party. But anyway, the blind leading the blind whaaa!

I'm waiting to see if any bookies make on a book on how long they'll last, or more importantly, how long Enda will last. Very keen to back under two years, and I reckon even FG will want to get rid of him as leader at some stage. He'll be the next Brian Cowan for public negative opinion, he was never really liked in the first place anyway and hes becoming Taoiseach by default really. Goes without saying I hope he makes things better, but as a betting man I'd back he makes things worse.

Bar the obvious selections, Paddy Power went 10/11 Brian Lenihan today to win a seat in Dublin West, that looks huge, PP must have a strong opinion or know something I dont but I'd have him around 4/11, hes been all sorts of prices during the campaign and matched at 2/5 on Betfair, with four seats you'd think he'd get in and it'll be big news if he doesnt. Obviously everywhere there will be the Anyone-But-FF element but he should still have a core vote, IMO Brian Cowan was far more hated than Lenihan and he sort of took him down with him, Lenihan is far more likable.

And from the horses mouth, even Betfair think its a big price sure.. :)

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