Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amazing Scenes

Well, what a weekend.

I was up until the early hours last night to watch Mayweather, that didnt disappoint! I think the interview was almost better than the fight though.. "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass..!" Banter.

As for the KO, well you know 'defend yourself at all times,' thats boxing. I think it was a real 50/50 in terms of that Ortiz was looking at the ref, but you know youre in a fight why is he staring at the ref and not have at least half an eye on Mayweather. I can defend the KO punch Mayweather threw, but no one can defend the headbutt from Ortiz, that was a disgrace, awful stuff. I thought Ortiz came across as a bit daft last night really, for starters why didnt he at least try to bring his hands up after the first punch - Floyd hit him and he was still looking at the ref, and afterwards Mayweather said if he wants a rematch he can have one - why was he stood there in his interview grinning like an eejit (after getting knocked out!) and didnt mention a rematch once, he got paid 20 times more for this fight than his second biggest pay day. No idea why him, and more so his team, didnt jump on the rematch comment straight away. But anyway, lets be honest Mayweather was winning the fight (I dont usually back the 1.2s but backed 1.29 between the 2nd and the 3rd) and IMO he would have knocked him out in the later rounds anyway, same outcome different story really.

Anyway, thats not quite as amazing scenes as Dublin becoming All Ireland Champions today, how Kerry lost it from being 4pts up with less than 10 minutes to go is anyones guess but credit to Dublin. Extremely difficult market to trade with confidence towards the end, draw traded odds on for a moment too, I made a bit of a balls of it really having backed Dublin - but that tends to happen when you back something at 2.4ish and then have to watch them go out to 12, before coming back. I really dislike the bandwagon fans (there were plenty today) but that 15/8 bet before the semi final eases that. Thats it for another year then, I dont bet on the GAA leagues.

India finished their tour of England on Friday too. Really, really, REALLY sad to see them leave, what a great series in terms of winning and trading. I was crowing about not getting my biggest ever ODI win for the blog last week with the tie, its like buses, I got it this week.. and thankfully this time it wasnt a tie!

Its been almost weird - the absolute confidence in England winning, I've never had that before, especially over such a long period of time. Often times you know, strongly on something and its a max bet and very confident, but it almost goes beyond confidence its like "they'll win.." and even when India trade sub 1.3 (theyve nearly hit 1.3 every limited over game) youre still sitting there going "Well, England will win.." Obviously its all over now though and I have to find another way of making money, and go back to normal, being thousands green on every game is definitely not normal, whatever about a couple of hundred. England travel to India shortly for an ODI series, it'll be interesting to see how the market prices it up, obviously conditions will be completely different, England will probably be lucky to win two games or so out there.

And what about poor Fernando Torres..

Whats the difference between Fernando Torres and Wayne Bridge? John Terry appreciates Wayne Bridges missus.

Speaking of which, watched Fast Five this week, its alright, The Rock is in it, its on Sky Box Office atm, but theres a girl in it called Gal Gadot - never heard of her before, didnt think anyone could beat Irina Shayk, but shes an amazingly good looking woman.

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  1. It was some miss by Fernando, I thought the one he blasted over the bar about 15 minutes earlier wasn't great either.

    On another day he'd have got a hat-trick.

    Didn't see the Mayweather fight, but did see Tyson Fury with another impressive win.