Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well, just back from Milanos for dinner and about to watch Strike Back Project Dawn on the couch (both highly recommended!), I'm a bit happier now after the tie this evening, that was sore, very sore..

(That would have been the biggest ODI win on the blog too.)

BUT, anyway, no one died, I didnt lose and life goes on. What can you do sure, no point complaining about something I cant change. Missing out on upwards of €2k in the space of two weeks on ties isnt great craic, not at all, but its just one of those things really. Complaining about something I have no control over would be a form of insanity and more importantly a waste of time.

I might be a little bit more fed up if it wasnt such a good week.. the ODIs have presented awesome opportunities with India going odds on and then England winning. I've been backing England all summer so that series of events will always work out perfectly for me, and its good to have competitive games. India getting on the plane to go home will be a sad, sad day.

All my ODI books, Test books, have been exactly the same all summer really.

I see the Hunky Dory ads are back this time going for GAA instead of Rugby, it really is a seriously clever tactic in Ireland, huge amount of time for it given the money it makes effectively using negative people to give it coverage, apparently the ads have "sparked fury," but in actual fact the people complaining against them has given them nationwide coverage at a percentage of the advertising cost. I was reading that during the last campaign 300 odd people complained - and Hunky Dorys added 1.5 million in value to the company, very good for an Irish company not even number one in its own market. Its such great business. I'm full sure the people talking about it dont realise theyre just doing exactly what Hunky Dorys want them to do but anyway.


  1. While I don't like ties either. It's better than low probability draws you get in Rugby Union and Ice Hockey, which makes these sports near impossible to trade succesfully.

    Although there is no reason why the super over can't be included in the result, the way the golden point is in rugby league.

    I wonder what the origin of the tie = void in cricket is?

  2. Dont know the answer to that one.

    I agree 100% with you though having the draw option would make it more difficult to trade, I'd rather put up with the odd tie..

  3. Hi Stephen. Just came across your blog mate, excellent stuff.
    Keep up the good work. David.

  4. Glad too see you have done well. As an English cricket fan, it was a great season.

    I used to trade the cricket a lot, mainly test cricket. Tended to leave the ODI stuff alone after a couple of bad experiences a few years back.

    But with some of the things I've read recently though, like this post, and others on twitter who have won lots, I think I might have too look at getting back into the ODI stuff when the next series starts, there is one in India in October (I think it is).

    Will stick to the football for the time being though, can have enough trouble trading that sometimes.

  5. Tests are by far my favourite too..!

    Just be careful in October, conditions change and that changes the whole game.

    The main reason this series was so good was because we all had great belief in England - that all changes when they travel to India.

  6. That's true. India will be a total different proposition on home soil.

    I reckon England will probably play some of the youngsters as well, and a lot of them won't have much (if any) experience of playing in those conditions.

    Also Ireland and England's best ODI batsman (in my view), Eoin Morgan won't be playing.

    As an Englishman of Irish decent, I'm glad he's playing on this side of the water (sorry). But it's a shame for Ireland and the development of Irish cricket that he is doing so.