Monday, October 10, 2011

Out Of Order

I'm bunched.

Movement with the hand will be an issue for trading, but the gist of it is basically I was jogging yesterday morning on grass in the local park, as you do, went to cross a path walkway and somehow completely lost my left leg and went down on my head.. ended up in Hermitage hospital for a cat scan and hooked up to an IV for two odd hours and everything.

I'm house bound for five days with concussion and casted for two weeks plus, so I'm not sure how the betting/blogging will go. But its only when youre being lay down in the machine to see if youve done damage to your brain you realise money and everything all pales into insignificance really, when youre going to bed at night you cant replace the people around you, regardless of what you have.

It was probably the scariest moment of my life not being able to see after hitting my head, I had to walk back to the house somehow too because I had no phone with me, did it off memory because I cant remember getting home, I remember my vision was so bad when I stood in front of the mirror to see where the blood was coming from I couldnt see my reflection, at all, then couldnt see the numbers on the phone to ring for help, I've had better Sunday mornings to be honest now. But anyway, I'm still alive!

And, sitting waiting for the cat scan, to see if you need brain surgery, bleeding on the brain, your head is all fussy and you cant see properly, you feel weird from the IV and your hand/arm has already been X-rayed and wrapped, your loved one turns to you and she says "at least were getting some value out of our VHI plan now Stephen" Oh yeah, same time again next week yeah..! Oddly enough we both started laughing and then nurses rushed in because they thought we were crying. You have to pay on the day (can claim back obviously) but Hermitage is a top, top place. First class service.


  1. When I first saw the tweet I was waiting for a punch line!

    Glad to see that you haven't done any long term damage!

    ...maybe time for a name change lol?

  2. get well soon mate great blog

  3. All the best, you'll be back on your feet in no time.

  4. All the best and that, but can't help but remember your amused highlighting of that post from last winter with the dude that fell on the ice on the TV news?

    Karma, man!

  5. Haha yes, thats why I said never laughing at someone falling again!