Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, relatively quiet P&L this week.. Windies v Aus has still been extremely difficult for me, thinking about it I dont think I've done anything differently to normal, havent broken any rules etc, just cant make it work - but some series' are just like that I suppose. Still, if you cant be good, be lucky..

Was very happy to take a tie and a void market, I cant recall the last time I had a tie go in my favour so delighted with that. Leaving aside me, Windies had 3 balls to score 1 run for the win, and ended up with a run out with two balls left.. patience!

I had more or less the same books during the week with zero on one team and profit on the other and theyve just been getting turned over.. I forgot to take a screen shot last night (it was mental!) but ended up with +€1,300 Windies and -€10 Aus, but the market was never giving Windies a fair chance IMO, I dumped red at 1.38 and the momentum stopped at around 1.44 - but I was never thinking of going equal at the time so no point complaining about it after when it doesnt go my way.

The Asia cup was hit and miss this week too, I went equal after catching a good position on Bangs, they went on to win in a 1.01 train so maybe I left a few quid behind on that one, hard to know, but it went fairly quickly to 1.01 and then when I did leave all green on them, they buggered it up.. even though that seemed a very hard match to trade and was happy enough not to lose more than anything.

Its been 100% me rather than any particular thing going against me or being out of my hands, just not in fantastic touch, its been a slow March after having two weeks where there was nothing on and then Cheltenham was tough because I've fallen so far behind on the horses, but its hard to have full confidence in teams like Windies and Bangs anyway and confidence in teams/players is very important to my mindset trading and always has been. I decided to give SL v Eng tests a miss for getting my full attention too, I dont feel in great form to be getting up at 5AM anyway, it'd kill me to get up and lose you know, plus we have the IPL clashing with the 2nd test so I'm fairly happy to not change my natural hours.

I'm back to school tomorrow at 7PM for trading stocks so hopefully that goes well.. And the weather is amazing atm in Ireland, played Citywest golf course today and I have to say its probably the best course I've played, apparently its in receivership and someone said its going for 10M, better buy a Euromillions ticket, I've found something to spend it on! Great to see Tiger back winning last night too, I cant wait for The Masters, best week of the year IMO.

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