Sunday, April 1, 2012


Well, nice to be busy again and maybe find a bit of form. Although probably cocked up a little Friday night getting into a good position and still losing €50, not a big sum but no need for it at the same time. Old me probably would have lost more though, and I suppose its nice to be more risk adverse these days, it was a half throwback to the old days at the same time where I get an idea in my head and a certain team/player "cant" or shouldnt lose and take a pigheaded approach to viewing the market - really couldnt see Aus not getting 161 after Windies finished so poorly, but shit happens I suppose.

I've always thought that if something has gone wrong that it was always my fault, rather than blame players (or more popularly jockeys!), there are certain situation where you can get fecked over quickly but very rarely, and it tends to happen (to me anyway) it low liquidity markets. Things were going grand until Wade got on strike and buggered it up - but I dont blame him, more so me for not reacting to it.

I thought it was bit like I'd gone back a few years by not reacting and thinking 'ah, it'll work out' in hope rather than confidence - I used to do that ages ago but not now, and consequently had a lot more €300+ losses. Its 'only' 50 quid at the end of the day but its daft behaviour not using my experience you know, its a perfect prep for the IPL on Wednesday though and getting rid of red when I can (or should) because the swings in that will be unreal!

Tuesday was better and ideally I'd love to have every book like this..!

As I mentioned Monday I wasnt getting up at 5AM for the SL v Eng test but what drama - I was just looking on for the most part.. I really wanted Eng to win but that 2/1 to chase their highest ever chase was (IMO as said on twitter) a terrible price really.. but they went down to sub 1.6 before ending up getting beaten. SL at 1.5 was a "walk the dog" price if ever there was one, and thats four tests losing in a row for Eng!

I forgot to mention Monday I'm no longer a horse owner, Kitty Dillons last run was shocking to say the least and sure there wasnt much point carrying on with her, positive is it didnt cost that much at all given it was a lease, exactly like our last one SeeSea. Thats three weve had now and have ended up having to be retired through injury or whatever (put down in Marshal Dillons case) and I think that will be that for my ownership venture - we have to be one of the most unluckiest bunch going.

Better news is though I broke 80 at Citywest on Thursday, managed to get it over the water on the last this time! I downloaded a few apps there the weekend and they put the idea in my head to maybe change my grip but I'm not sure if it'll be a terrible idea or not. My trading shocks course is going alright too, although I'm not sure if its for me yet or not, a lot of it so far is to do with chart analysis and I cant put my finger on it but I think its just all happening a bit slow for me - maybe when I get a go in the markets it'll pick up.


  1. Good golf on that course Stephen, pity your partner was'nt as good. Playesd it once, 82 (off 13) so not too bad.