Monday, March 19, 2012

Thats It For Another Year

Well, thats Cheltenham over for another year. If anything this year it reminded me how out of touch I've become with trading/punting on horse racing, it seemed to go on forever and it was a real struggle - I suppose I dont really have the tools for in running anymore anyway having got rid of RUK (replaced it with BoxNation) and in general I was just rusty with the speeds you have to go at anyway. Sizing Europe hurt the most - I backed him at 1.9+ and was looking at 1.25-ish thinking (you know that negative mindset) hes going to get done here I can feel it, but at the same time I thought 1.25 was too big to even lay off the stake, let alone go equal green, so I let that run only for the farce at the last to take place and sure he may not have won, but that did hurt and left a lot of 'what ifs' which is generally the worst feeling after a market has closed. Big Bucks was my highlight of the week though, and rescued the week back to level, I had said beforehand on Twitter that after the race we'd be commenting on the 1.9 either thinking WTF were the layers at or saying they knew, turned into a very exciting race though, and sure whats left to say about Big Bucks. I finished up -€1.59 for the week anyway, having not had a bet on Friday, it was pretty stressful, I know why I dont do it anymore every day, every so often I forget and try again, and it only takes a few hours to remember.

I should just stick to cricket really, which I do, but its hard to ignore things like Cheltenham, Aintree and Punchestown. I'm finding it very hard to get a handle on Windies v Aus atm but hopefully that will pick up a bit better as the series goes on, you just cant trust Windies and trust while trading has always been a huge issue for me, more times than not it leads to a lot of small chopping and changing when even the slightest thing goes against, and sure you only end up giving away ticks all over the place, its not like when youre confident and can sometimes top up on an overreaction or whatever. The Asia Cup has been better, I still cant believe Sachin got his 100th 100 only for Bangladesh to chase it down - slightly embarrassing game for the history books!

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, all are jam packed so thats always positive. My horse Kitty Dillon is running in the 2-40 in Limerick today too, not too sure how she'll go over 2M3F and it looks a fairly strong race for a mares race, hopefully she'll be involved in some way shape or form, I still havent backed her yet at all..!

I finished reading AP McCoys autobiography at the start of the week too, amazing some of the stories, would highly recommend it to anyone interested in racing. And I registered for a stocks trading course with Ava FX - I dunno how that will go but sure I'll give it a bash and see what its like, chatting to the guy over the phone he said a fair bit of people come with a sports trading/odds background and he knew what Betfair was when I mentioned it so thats a huge plus, youre always on a loser trying to explain it to people who dont know what it is. It might clash a little with cricket games but its only Tuesdays and Thursday for an hour at 7PM, hopefully I learn a few things, back to school! And who knows I might be seen wearing a suit heading to an office yet, in the mean time I'm happy hitting golf balls out the back, this is on Amazon for around 50 quid, bargain.


  1. great blog stephen i always enjoy reading
    cheltenham was tough for me too