Monday, April 30, 2012


Well, still in slow progress mode carrying on from last week, but with Punchestown on (and I'm amazed it went ahead for the five days!) I was limited with my online time. Real shame about the weather but Tuesday and Saturday were lovely days, I didnt know we'd get to see Moscow Flyer, he looks great, nice to see the old fella doing well and having a happy retirement.
Anyway onto the trading, I thought it was shaping up to be a bigger week than it was in the end after my first market on Wednesday, only to give back €60 of it on the completed match market on the next game.. they took off the covers and the market went from 1.2ish to 1.8+, was just about to flip so I was carrying a bit of red when it started to drizzle again and we went straight to 1.01 more or less, argh. Happy enough with the play though all the same. And in the match odds markets I seem to be doing much better the later I leave it to get involved, even going to as late as two overs left - although it does leave an awful lot of 'no plays' but I'm not overly bothered about that. Yesterdays games werent on TV but Mumbai were 1.09 by the innings break, those type of games are never any good for me you know (unless it gets gubbed).
Then, carrying on the theme of this years IPL, I'm just on the wrong team, its OK because I'm not finishing red though, but I suppose I should be greening out a little more too. The English domestic season is back on Friday, I think my style is probably more suited to games like that and Internationals than the IPL these days.
The great news of the week though is Kildare won the NFL division 2 final in Croker yesterday, still a second half team IMO and I'm looking forward to making a few quid from that during the summer when we get more liquidity in the GAA markets. Cork were very impressive winning the division 1 final later on and pulled right away after going into HT at odds against. Gutted Real Madrid didnt go through in the Champions League though because I wanted to use this:
Also from the Champions League, what a typo this is..! Amazing.
And I'm really looking forward to City v United tonight, should be a cracker!


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  2. Thanks, appreciate it. And no bother, done :)

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