Monday, April 23, 2012

Slow Progress

Well first things first, it may seem like a silly complaint but Blogger has completely changed this week! Its not even compatible with my version of Firefox anymore, I have to say writing a post isnt as enjoyable using the new layout but sure it is what it is and we'll get on with it.
Anyway onto the week, its been slow going the last two weeks - last week was +€115 and this week is +€124, but after the bad, frustrating and annoying start to the IPL I dont mind going slowly along for a bit just to get a bit of confidence back and get back into the grove of trading fast T20s. Maybe theres a case towards the start of this week that my stakes were too small - but after the first few games when I did something the opposite happened next ball so I was keen enough to keep staking low, of course when things go right its only in hindsight you think I should have just done that staking normally. I have to say though again bringing the Betfair balance down to €300 and going from there has helped yet again, I dont think its failed me yet (I've just gone and jinxed it saying that but anyway!) and its good to just get back to basics every once and while I suppose. Obviously I would like to be hitting €100+ green each IPL game but, again you know, I said last year the markets have become an awful lot smarter since it started and youre not getting the low odds lays like before, but I'm happy enough getting between €30 and €40 a game atm - theres so many games on its just a case of taking things a bit slowly and not getting into trouble. I suppose its good in a way I had a few mares the first week and was still finishing only -€10 or whatever, so it could have been worse. And its my own fault for thinking "IPL = easy money" in the first place. We had the 2nd Test match between Windies and Aus this week too but it really wasnt a runner with all the rain, I was happy enough building up a book of result green trading the draw when we nearly lost a whole day and the draw crashed to odds on.
There wasnt much really I could with it after that, changed around a bit and leveled the book completely at €65 - then threw away a few quid backing The Windies at big prices to chase down the score Aus set them - only for them to come into 5ish and then go off for rain again, and sure they never came back out. Test matches would be my biggest form of income lately but I dont mind finishing with a low profit or small loss when its a draw - especially on 'result' pitches like that, bloody rain.
Anyway, onwards to next week, we have Punchestown on this week so I'm not sure how much online time I'll have but I cant wait to head down there for a few days, I have free tickets for tomorrow but just looking at the card there theres plenty of short prices favourites, still it'll be nice to see Sizing Europe I suppose, and Hurricane Fly on Friday. I'll do bits of the 3rd test and try eek a few quid out of the IPL again.
EDIT - I apologise for the lack of paragraphs between the photos - I'm actually putting them there but Blogger isnt showing them, so it might read a bit odd.


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