Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2000 Gunieas..

Bit of news.. Mr Fallon shall be returning to a Coolmore saddle on Saturday! He takes the ride on Viscount, he had nothing else lined up and you know even though hes 100/1, the horse is no mug. I still have my tenner on him at 100s anyway from here, didnt think KF would end up on him but absolutely delighted obviously. Colm rides Fencing who would have a good E/W chance and obviously Johnny on St Nic.

All fit enough to win IMO, no real worries about the trip/ground/opposition for St Nic, just the small doubt is, its his first run of the season, you know yourself what its like. We'll see, I'll be happy for him to run a good race anyway regardless of where he finishes I still think he'll win the Derby, the funny thing about the situation now is if he wins he'll be branded a "superstar" and if he loses he'll be branded as "finnish." If he finishes second of third he'll probably be called a non trier too! I'll miss the forum meltdown on Saturday anyway, gutted. I think he'll win for what its worth, only Elusive Pimpernel to beat really, but not lumping on because I dont normally back first time out so you know, if it aint broke dont fix it. Hopefully he runs a nice race anyway and sure what people say about him after is of little importance. Hes working nicely, he seems fit to win, everything is grand, we'll see what happens, its a personal thing that I hate backing them first time out so I'm probably a bit more cautious than usual.

Anyway, sticking to the new plan, just RUK in running, gave the jumps card at Wincanton a miss too so had the day to myself, did Nottingham tonight. Its weird having the whole day to yourself not bothering with certain meetings but its a nice feeling all the same, even attempted cooking dinner before she got home, it burnt, she laughed, we ordered pizza, best stick to the horses..

Horse Racing: €33.71 Total P&L: €33.71

By the way, the new Hunky Dory ads are a bit of alright arent they, just saying like..


  1. Hey, another good day, I see. Hope it continues like this. I found your blog yesterday and I am impressed by your results.

    I am grateful if you can answer some questions about trading. It would be useful for me. :)

    I understand that you are dealing mostly with horse trading. Right?

    What are your main tactics? What indicators decide what to do?
    What do you prefer, in-running or pre-trade?
    How much is your stop loss at?
    How did you start your trading when you were a beginner? Do you have a good website that is useful?

    If you have time, I would like to see a typical example of how a race might look like when you trade.

    Finally, I wish you good luck in the future!

  2. Yo! I dont trade, I bet mostly..

    'I understand that you are dealing mostly with horse trading. Right?'
    Cricket, boxing and GAA would probably come before in running on the horses, its just that the horses are on everyday same time and place so its handy to do.

    'What are your main tactics? What indicators decide what to do?'
    My own feelings, nothing else. Price comes into it obviously, but I dont mind what the market is doing generally nothing would put me off if I didnt agree with a price I'd take it regardless.

    'What do you prefer, in-running or pre-trade?'
    I dont trade the horses pre-off at all. Do in running, whether or not I green depends on the feeling, most times I'll let the bet go until the end.

    'How much is your stop loss at?'
    Dont have one. I do have a max bet I dont go over, and if it loses it loses c'est la vie.

    'How did you start your trading when you were a beginner? Do you have a good website that is useful?'
    Everyones a beginner when you start! Didnt have a website, all on my own, the way it is you can read everything but at the end of the day no ones there to hold your hand when youre gambling you have to do it yourself.